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Vacant Styling

Our Vacant Home Styling service is tailor-made for clients aiming to sell an empty property in the bustling real estate market of Brisbane. In this highly competitive landscape, it's crucial to spotlight a property's desirability, lifestyle, layout, and features to captivate potential buyers. Our package, with a minimum four-week hire term plus two complimentary weeks, is designed to enhance the allure of your property. We understand the dynamics of the market, and should you need extensions, we're here to accommodate your requirements.


Get in touch with us to book your onsite free quote or send us photos/floorplan for an online quote.  While quoting at your property, we assess layout, general appeal and take note of any particular areas that may benefit from update or repair. Within 24-48 hrs you will receive your online quotation and recommendations.


Quote Acceptance

Once you've approved our quotation, get ready for a hassle-free experience with our Vacant Home Staging service. A dedicated installation date will be arranged, and you'll receive our informative 'Welcome Pack' via email. This pack is a comprehensive resource, covering payment terms, options, pre-sale preparation insights, and virtually everything else you might want to know to make your staging journey seamless and successful.


Installation Day

In preparation for the install day, access will be thoughtfully pre-arranged, setting the stage for the arrival of our trucks laden with beautiful furniture and home furnishings. Our dedicated in-house logistics team will skilfully unload the stock, kickstarting the styling process. Installations typically range from 3 to 6 hours, with the timeframe influenced by the scope of spaces undergoing the transformation



To facilitate a smooth transition at the end of your hire term, we reach out to you five days in advance to coordinate access for the collection of our staging items. Extensions are available to cater to your needs, but we kindly request a full 5 working days' notice. This lead time allows us to schedule our team and manage our inventory effectively, ensuring a seamless transition for your project and others in our pipeline.

Need help getting your property ready for the
real estate market?  Let us help you get started with an obligation free onsite quote. 

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